Vision and Decision Making Workshops

Sometimes we have so many ideas we can't choose one to go with. We help you get the best ideas and make decisions so you can move forward.

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Vision You Can Build Upon

Our vision workshops help you and your teams come up with ideas that can be built and delivered.

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Vision Workshops

If you have an idea but it's not quite ready to share with people we'll help you assess and address gaps, describe and visually illustrate what your vision provides so you can move forward.

Vision workshops focus on rapid capture of data,  determining highest priorities of topics, and creating an inventory of the who, what, why, and when attributes of your vision.

We use this data to seed follow up activities and creative storytelling to share your vision with others potentially in the form of marketing campaigns, eBooks, websites, print books, or even in coloring books.

If you don't have an idea and need one you'll appreciate our fast-paced and formulaic activities designed to quickly help you identify and deliver vision for your projects.

$250 per person

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Decision Making Workshops

Occasionally you know what to do but can't quite push your projects or vision forward. This could be because you are unsure about something or your team is and momentum lags or stops all together.

We help you work through choices and break up gridlock for your projects and organizations. Once you have a methodology in place to timely decision making progress will be made more efficiently and effectively.

We work to empower each contributor with the ability to identify what exactly has to happen and why multiple, if not all, people need to be on the same page to move the whole group forward toward shared goals.

The output can be in the form of flow charts or story lines and art illustrations that describe how decisions will be made moving forward.

$250 per person