Stephanie and Robin have worked together for 10 years first collaborating at Electronic Arts in 2005, then at NetApp in 2009, at a joint venture in 2012, and again in 2016. Both women have 20+ years experience working with executive leaders in the private sector consulting with clients preparing for massive transformations in technology, culture, and business models.

CEO, and Creative Lead, Vision Architecture, Inc.

Stephanie Hayden

Stephanie is Executive Director of Think Vision Architecture and Chief Architect for Think Programs, metropolis Curriculum, and the Creative Lead and Artist for all Think program imagery as of December 25, 2016

Stephanie is a futurist, artist, serial entrepreneur, and technologist. She is best known as the creator of Vision Architecture®, a navigation methodology used to assess any situation, envision and set goals, plot the course and plan for obstacles, and accomplish objectives.

She is Alumna from The School of the Art Institute of Chicago who applies systems thinking and years spent studying cities, travel, art, architecture, psychology, science, technology, people, and business and uses combinations of all of the above to address challenges and questions at hand.

20 years combining Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math has honed Vision Architecture® into a toolset that considers, respects, and includes diverse perspectives, agenda, talents, and abilities in individual people and group the from public-, private-, nonprofit-sectors speaking many languages with many challenges and ways to solve them.

Strategic Executive Planning and Transformation

Robin Tischer-Smith

Robin’s had the privilege of developing, leading and successfully delivering large-scale, global change initiatives for global corporations across multiple industries for the past 19 years. These include:

Development of Innovation and Globalization strategies. Planning, leading and delivering high impact, cross-functional transformation. Business Entity Restructure, Mergers, Acquisitions, Divestitures and Company Split. System Implementations. External stakeholder and channel readiness, Voice of the Customer. Executive alignment and internal team building.

Communications strategist, developer of communication platforms built to fit the audiences and the culture. Business and Customer Relationship leader with exceptional ability to translate business vision into strategic and tactical plans with an 'outside-in' approach, ensuring Business Continuity and protection of the Customer Experience.