Global Position System (GPS) Workshops and Project Delivery

We call our core workshops, "GPS", because we focus on four distinct concepts that relate to well known navigation functions:

  • Where you are now = Alfa Workshops
  • Where you want to go = Bravo Workshops
  • How you're going to get there = Charlie Workshops
  • Measurements you'll use to stay on course = Delta Workshops
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Global Positioning System (GPS)

We use fast paced workshops to help you create internal navigation for yourself, your teams, and your organization to get everyone on the same page with shared vision, playbooks, strategic plans, and execution strategies.

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GPS Workshops

Do you know where you're going and how to get there? Our GPS workshops come in four categories and are tuned to four different agenda that address a spectrum of requirements to get and your teams on the same vision, targets, tasks, playbooks, change metrics and back up plans to reach your goals.

  1. Alfa Workshops are for assessing the present state of things to create an inventory and baseline for how things work today.
  2. Bravo Workshops are for imagining the future state, all that is possible, and innovating on all that could be different and bring value in.
  3. Charlie Workshops are for plotting a course for change, creating roadmaps for the journey, resource requirements and teams.
  4. Delta Workshops are for determining coordinates and metrics you'll use during your journey to ensure you stay on course and meet performance goals.

$250 per person

Project Delivery Workshops

We use output from GPS workshops to work on implementation details, create pilots, and prototypes if the project requires them. 

These workshops are intended to help Program and Project Managers drill down and map tasks to traditional project management frameworks so you can move your vision and GPS work into a standard life cycle management methodology you already use, or you can adopt Vision Architecture® as an implementation tool and use our maps and checklists to manage vision projects.

$250 per person