Creative Storytelling & Data Insight Workshops

We use an Albert Einstein quote for our mantra, "If I can't picture it, I can't understand it." 
Our Creative Services team specializes in visually articulating your ideas, vision, plans, and marketing messages so you get your point across. 

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Creative Storytelling & Data Insight

Our Creative Services team loves to make art and tell stories.  The process is straight forward:

  1. Do a Storytelling Workshop to gather data and ideas for stories
  2. Review the list of stories collected and choose which ones to build out and length of time they should take to tell e.g. 1 minute, 4 minutes, 10 minutes
  3. Confirm budget for art and story production and start writing story lines
  4. Once story lines are confirmed begin art production
  5. Map stories and art together and review in electronic deliverable to confirm next steps
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Storytelling Workshops

Sometimes coming up with a way to explain what you've been working on is the hardest thing to do let alone creating different stories to answer questions from many different perspectives and viewpoints.

Our storytelling workshops capture all the ideas on your mind, then we co-create story lines and characters with you, identify intersecting events, and goals for each story line.  A story with snippets of the past, present, and future is a good way to report status on large transformation projects and stories of the present and future is a great way to present the value of new products.

Once we capture ideas, the second phase of storytelling includes creative writing and art image production which are charged separatelybased on the length of the story and number of images. Your end deliverable could range from an electronic pdf file, to a print coffee table book, to a website, to a marketing campaign.

$250 per person

Measured Vision & Data Insight Workshops

We help you determine how to measure anything you build before you build it so you can stay on track and deliver exactly what you imagined.

Our fast-paced data workshops help you determine which data can be combined to paint a clear picture of what is happening with your vision and your projects will give you peace of mine that you have set the correct coordinates for your journey and that performance and success can be measured each step of the way.

This workshop captures data and follow on creative and data visualization work will be required to turn the numbers from your workshop into stories and data dashboards others can see and understand.

$250 per person