Smart City, Situational Intelligence, Data & Internet of Things Projects

Smart State Public Safety & Emergency Response Systems for Governor State of Oklahoma

Smart State Transportation for Washington State
Department of Transportation

Situational Intelligence for Tornado Emergency Response for the State of Oklahoma

Smart Schools Emergency Response System for Active Shooters for the State Oklahoma

Smart State Highway Patrol Trooper & Strike Team Response System for the State of Oklahoma

Situational Intelligence for CA Earthquake Emergency Response for Pacific Gas & Electric

The Future of Legal Publishing for Thomson Reuters FindLaw

The Future of Telematics for Car Insurance CA AAA

The Future of Global Game Development for Electronic Arts

The Future of Customer Engagement
for Pacific Gas & Electric Company

The Future of Los Angeles
for the LA Department of Transportation

The Future of the Olympic Games Event Management in Los Angeles for LA Department of Transportation

The Future of Work for
Johnson Controls Global Supply Chain

The Future of Global Emergency & Disaster Response for Employees for Johnson Controls

The Future of Biopharma  e-Commerce for Bio-Rad

The Future of Online Customer and Doctor Engagement for Roche & Genentech

The Future of Video Evidence Collection for Panasonic

Future State Intelligence Internal Operations for Boeing

The Future of Smart City Transportation
for the Oakland Department of Transportation

Rockefeller 100 Resilient Cities Resilient Oakland
Engaging Youth in Shaping the Future of Oakland

The Future and Next Generation of the U.S. Navy

The Future of Global Channel Partnerships ExxonMobil

The Future of Global Drug Safety Operations for Amgen

The Future of Construction Education for Turner