Think Vision Architecture's Metropolis: September 15 @ Oakland City Hall: Situational Intelligence, The Array of Things, Public Safety & Revolutionary Navigation

Season 2: Episode 9

"Situational Intelligence, The Array of Things, Public Safety & Revolutionary Navigation"

Keys: Live Data Insight, Real-time Intelligence, GPS, Safety, Navigation

Facilitator & Panelists:

  • Stephanie Hayden, CEO Vision Architecture, Inc.
  • Michael Ford, City of Oakland Public Works & Dept. Transportation
  • City of Oakland Department of Information Technology Representatives

Join us to hear about leading technologies and strategies being put in place for Oakland Public Safety, learn how IT is engaging constituents to co-design solutions and capture ecosystem data together, and to contribute ideas about capabilities for Oakland's connected city initiatives.

  • Co-designing Public Safety systems with constituents
  • The Array of Things, sensors, and complex data capture
  • Learning what the data means for Public Safety
  • Using Internet of Things to connect and integrate legacy infrastructure with modern user experiences
  • When situational intelligence is available individual navigation choices change

Other September Events

  • 1-10: Burning Man
  • 4: Labor Day Oakland City Hall Closed
  • 16: Oakland Creek to Bay Day