Think Vision Architecture's Metropolis: June 16 @ Oakland City Hall: City Sustainability, EcoBlocks, Circular & Sharing Economies

Season 2: Episode 6

"City Sustainability, EcoBlocks, Circular & Sharing Economies"

Keys: EcoBlock, Sustainability, Ecosystems, Sharing

Facilitator & Panelists:

  • Stephanie Hayden, CEO Vision Architecture, Inc.
  • Michael Ford, City of Oakland Public Works & Dept. Transportation
  • Daniel Hamilton, Director, Sustainability City of Oakland

Join us to hear from leaders in sustainability, technology, ecosystem design, and contribute to ideas for local projects and circular economy possibilities.

Artist rendering of "The Plant" in Chicago, a non-profit circular economy housed in an old meat packing warehouse in the "Back of the Yards" neighborhood in Chicago, IL

  • Co-designing a sustainable metropolis
  • Examples of EcoBlock initiatives that work
  • Civil engineering and future mobility systems
  • Examples of Circular and Sharing Economies