Think Vision Architecture's Metropolis: March 17 @ Oakland City Hall: Connected City Business Architecture & Systems Thinking: What to Build & Why

Season 2: Episode 3

"Connected City Business Architecture & Systems Thinking: What to Build & Why"

Keys: Business Architecture, Designing Cities with Purpose, & Systems Thinking to Connect Humans and Technology


  • Stephanie Hayden, CEO Vision Architecture, Inc.
  • Michael Ford, City of Oakland Public Works & Dept. Transportation
  • Neil Planchon, Co-Chair Code for America Open Oakland Brigade
  • Future City Regional Contestants: San Jose & Modesto share Future City models

Join us to map out the City of Oakland to see how its business functions today and to consider how these functions may converge in the future.

Our Future City Coloring Workshop for Youth

  • Using art & storytelling to paint a clear picture of our city architecture, functionality with public and private services
  • Mobility & Transportation
  • Engineering & Infrastructure
  • Public Safety
  • Sustainability
  • Social Equity & Civic Engagement
  • Future City& STEAM Maker Labs for Youth
  • Multi-generational, multi-lingual, inclusion for past, present, and future storytelling

Other Events in March:

  • 24: Oakland City Camp c/o OpenOakland Code for America Brigade