Think Vision Architecture's Metropolis: November @ Oakland City Hall: Passions & Purpose of Diverse, Metropolitan Networks

Season 2: Episode 11

"Passions & Purpose of Diverse, Metropolitan Networks"

Keys: Place-making, Purpose Networks, Metropolis, Passion, Respect, Connected Cities

Facilitator & Panelists:

  • Stephanie Hayden, CEO Vision Architecture, Inc.
  • Michael Ford, City of Oakland Public Works & Dept. Transportation

Join us to consider and hear from many diverse perspectives and people we will have worked with throughout 2017 to learn more about why each of us chooses to live in a city, Oakland specifically, and how these choices create our passion for place.

  • Role of the Artist and Makers in a city
  • Role of Anarchists and Occupiers
  • Role of Social Justice Movements
  • Role of Environment Stewardship
  • Role of Technologists
  • Role of Government
  • Role of Data Scientists
  • Role of Civic Hacktivists
  • Role of technology in connecting passion to results
  • How to turn passion into data-driven change

Other November Events:

  • 1-4: Code for America Conference
  • 24: Thanksgiving Day City Hall Closed
  • 25: Friday After Thanksgiving City Hall Closed