Vision Architecture Meetup: "Resilient Oakland and Connected City Projects"

  • Oakland, CA

Hi Thinkers!

Join us Friday night, Oct. 21, as the City of Oakland hosts the expanding network and conversations around Smart Cities/IoT/Smart Data/HCIx and City Resiliency programs to see what's cooking in Oakland!

Here are some highlights for Friday Night's Smart City/IoT/HCIx Meetup:

City of Oakland Initiatives - Resilient Oakland

Monday, Oct. 10, Oakland's Mayor, Libby Schaaf, and the Chief Resilience Officer, Kiran Jain, announced their response to Rockefeller Foundation's 100 Resilient Cities with the "Resilient Oakland Playbook". 

It is posted for your review, here:

The Resilient Oakland Playbook is the follow response and implementation plan for Oakland's 100RC Assessment conducted early this year, which is described here:

Friday's Meetup will share the framework of resiliency and stories around what these types of programs and could look like for Oakland.

Kiran Jain will be speaking at one of our upcoming Meetups to share the vision of the Resilient Oakland Playbook and answer your questions. Stay tuned for that announcement.

What is 100RC and the Challenge Agenda?

"100 Resilient Cities is dedicated to helping cities around the world become more resilient to the physical, social, and economic challenges that are a growing part of the 21st Century. 100Rc supports the adoption and incorporation of a view of resilience that includes not just the shocks - earthquakes, fires, floods, etc. - but also the stresses that weaken the fabric of a city on a day to day or cyclical basis."

Why do we care about the 100RC Challenge?

The 100RC is important because the core of what we consider about Smart Cities, IoT, HCIx, Smart Data, and resilience should be, at a foundation level, providing critical value to constituents by connecting people to real resources, information, and capabilities whether in the private, public, and non-profit sectors to empower all who live and thrive here. 

The 100RC does a great job in providing frameworks to consider how to go about organizing connected city programs.


Vision Architecture Creates a Resilient Oakland Coloring Book to Engage Youth in Shaping the Future of Oakland

Art and storytelling play an important role in transformation initiatives and Vision Architecture wanted to contribute to the Resilient Oakland strategy so we offered to create a coloring book to feature the resilience of Oaklanders over a 110 year period illustrating the past, present, and future of our city when we engage a broad spectrum of contributors and grow capabilities right here with Oakland youth.

We'll share the book with you and discuss ideas about connected city programs and STEAM education featured in the book. Do you think these programs could take hold, what should be added, and how could a city roll them out?

The coloring book is posted here, free for your use, and we'll bring a few print copies to the meetup with us for those who'd like a paper copy.

Coloring Book Story Lines:

"The Past" chapter starts with the migration of thousands of workers to Oakland during WWII who worked on the Henry J. Kaiser Liberty Ships, on BART, and other massive transportation infrastructure projects and into the social justice protests of the 60s, to the 1989 Loma Prieta earthquake and Oakland's resilience following the destruction of freeways around the Bay Area.

"The Present" chapter features "Our Future City" workshops being offered to Oakland youth, about community resiliency and working on ecoblocks in their neighborhoods, flipping one block at a time, to become and verdant, green city in the future. 

The 3rd grade girls from Fruitvale featured in the in the workshops imagine parks as accessible, safe, connected, multi-functional, and inclusive of all age ranges, backgrounds, and abilities.  There are community gardens with restaurants, rescue dog training, tree houses, art classes, and project areas for their parents to work on solar panel to power the park, water reuse programs, and plants that help deal with rising sea level issues in the community.

They design a smart city app that monitors the park's perimeter, their friends, family, and pets so everyone can find each other in an emergency and city park goers can learn about ongoing activities and fun things to do at the park on the smart watch apps for Our Future City.

"The Future" chapter features what happens in Oakland when constituents decide to roll out "Our Future City" workshops throughout the public school system and generations of kids grow up learning how to imagine, construct, and build their visions for the future.

We're sharing this format with you to seed conversations and generate new ideas for projects constituents can work on in and around Oakland and other Bay Area cities.


City of Oakland Smart Mobility Programs are Here!

Earlier this year the Smart City/IoT Meetups focused on bringing cross-functional city stakeholders together to brainstorm ideas for real programs and for the City of Oakland to share information about programs they're working on that would be coming very soon.

A lot of these conversations were around transportation and national agenda to connect more people to more mobility resources.

Michael Ford, from the City of Oakland Public Works and Transportation Division, will share new initiatives and real programs already underway this year and share stories about SmartMob community engagement events and plans for the creation of, "Ladders of Opportunity", all throughout the City of Oakland.

Come learn about Oakland's new Department of Transportation as it is being developed and bring your ideas to the table so we can all learn from each other and build momentum for local projects.


More Smart City & IoT Events with Featuring Our Membership

We are connecting more and more with other Meetup groups and design communities in Oakland and around the country so look for us more frequently in private sector and with other Meetups!

Oct. 20: Oaklean Smart City Meetup - Stephanie Hayden & Michael Ford speak on Smart Cities at Oaklean's October Meetup Event:

Nov. 2-4: The Internet of Things Institute's, Conference in Chicago "IoT Emerge Women in Technology Conference"

"Connected, Smart & Resilient City Blueprints: How and Where to Start and Grow Public & Private Sector IoT Initiatives"

Featuring our very own Smart City/IoT/HCIx Members:

+ Stephanie Hayden of Vision Architecture and the Vision Architecture Smart City/Smart Data/IoT/HCIx Meetup

+ Ayelet Baron, Futurist and Author of, "Our Journey to Corporate Sanity: Transformational Stories from the Frontiers of 21st Century Leadership"

+ Linda Drabik of NY IoT & SF IoT Meetups, and

+ Kristy LaFollette of Favorite Medium, Wired Magazine, and Right to Health


Come join in the fun and add your resources and skills to a growing pool of opportunity.


Stephanie Hayden
Vision Architecture