steam maker labs

STEAM Maker Labs help Thinkers translate their drawings and ideas into real objects and create a baseline literacy for STEAM studies along the way.


Our Future City Workshops capture ideas and vision for future projects

Starting with our future city workshops

We use drawings and lists of capabilities dreamed up in Our Future City Workshops to plan what we'll learn to build in hands-on STEAM Maker Labs.

visit a maker lab partner to build what is imagined

Once we see what Our Future City workshop attendees dream up we reach out to our Maker Lab network and collaborate to create a workshop that builds a foundation of understanding the systems and frameworks necessary to build what our Thinkers imagine.

Sacramento's #HackerLab Organizer,  Nile Mittow

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metropolis labs

Once Thinkers have imagined something, figured out the basics of what it would take to build the idea into reality, they can choose to learn more about the subject by joining the Metropolis Labs education workshops.