Q4 2016 Workshops

We are offering three new workshops to take us through the end of 2016


Our Future City Workshops as seen in the Resilient Oakland Coloring Book Q4 2016

our future city workshops & steam maker labs

In collaboration with the Resilient Oakland Playbook Actions and with the Chief Resilience Officer, Kiran Jain, of the City of Oakland, we are offering "Our Future City" workshops in the City of Oakland starting Nov. 8, 2016.

Book your spots and location now so we meet with you before the holidays!

become the architects of your own community

An example of this workshop is a Non-Profit 501 (c)(3) organization, called the "Women of Color on the Move" (WOCOM), getting together with like-minded people to develop and deliver empowering services for women and girls of color in Sacramento and the Bay Area.

Vision Architecture® WOCOM_Sonia_Jeannine.jpg

Sonia and Jeanine wanted to explore and determine how to identify priorities and build programs to provide targeted services to specific demographics and adopt a data-driven, metric approach, to identifying the value and explicit impact of their efforts on changing statistics they chose to address.

visualize history to architect the future

Verbal history plays an important role in society and people are so busy that priceless stories about where they've come from, their journeys, the trials and tribulations, and what they've learned can be lost over time. Our Visualizing History workshop is designed to capture stories of your families, communities, countries, prior attempts at success and any type of story you think younger people can learn from.

This is an excellent workshop for family and community historians, genealogists, movement leaders, and people who like the idea of their grand children growing up coloring the stories of their own people and histories.