Technology Services: Metropolitan Intelligence Lead Poisoing Prevention System

3-4 hours · in person / *onsite · 12 people max

Vision Architecture® Metropolitan Intelligence Smart City dashboard workshops walk individuals and organizations through quick question and answer activities to help define high value data visualizations that help them understand what's happened in the past, in context of what's happening at the present moment, and what could happen in the future if different choices wehre made and different routes were taken.


For instance, take the example of toxic lead poisoning entering the body of a small child, we'll call him Jose, who's sitting right next to his mother, Maria, when it happens.

Within a few seconds of receiving exposure to lead poisoning the damage is already done.  Jose may never learn, finish school, work, maintain a job, have a family, achieve independence in his lifetime, or be able to stay out of trouble. In some cases he could even die.  This is what happens today because Maria and Jose could not see the imminent danger right in front of them.


With Metropolitan Intelligence Get the Lead Out Dashboards running, Maria could have her home scanned by Vision Architecture, and the whole family could see exactly where the invisible, toxic, lead was located in walls in her home, the windowsills, the garden, the deck outside and everyone could help keep children away from it. 

Maria and her husband, Lupe, could put interim controls in place, receive instant health and legal assistance to help her keep it from migrating, and to manage activities required to abate the lead poisoning from here home, and to revitalize their gardens and their family's Lead Free safety zones.


Maria's entire family, the neighbors, and the community could easily avoid life-long, permanent, cognitive damage just by receiving live, real-time, data about hazardous obstacles they cannot see. When they see this data and make choices to change what they're doing because of this insight, they're actively defining a new path forward for their families and will not fall victim to poison from the past that still exists in the present.

Workshop deliverables include visual representation of your concepts and will be converted to data dashboard requirements used to capture requested data and make it available on the Metropolitan Intelligence private, secure, network and website for their personal use.

* Travel & expenses not included.

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