Technology Services: Metropolitan Intelligence Smart City Lead Poisoning Intervention Program Workshop

3-4 hours · in person / *onsite · 12 people max

Vision Architecture® and Metropolitan Intelligence Smart City software platform are collaborating on the first-of-its-kind Get the Lead Out Program now available for individuals, community organizations, elected officials, plaintiff attorneys, healthcare executives, resilience and sustainability leaders, and green city investment groups.

The GTLO workshop prepares individuals and groups by helping discover the best way to bring the Smart City program into their homes, communities, and cities to make people safe through lead abatement from their environments, people, and animals and start saving money by revitalization and creation of Lead Free Zones.

The workshop length will be determined by the number of people involved, the location of the program, and the number of people potentially at risk.

Follow-on activities through separate engagements may include:

  • Metropolitan Intelligence Dashboard Workshop to determine the types of data that should be made available for various viewers and the scale and scope of the data to be captured and shared within various user groups.
  • Vision Architecture will manage the lead exposure scanning and data capture activities to get the program running and train-the-trainer programs will be utilized for ongoing maintenance.
  • Field Team preparation and Community Engagement strategic planning.  A Vision
    Architecture team may be required to interact with people in communities to capture lead exposure data.

Contact us to discuss your situation today and we can put a plan together to get you started quickly.

* Travel & expenses not included.

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