Metropolis Meetups & Metropolis Future Tech & Jobs Education

We host monthly Meetups covering a broad spectrum of topics related to life in cities including future technologies, new business models, and

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Our Metropolis Future City Programs include:

  • Open Forum Meetups on future technology and innovations related to town, cities, and regions that make up a metropolis
  • Future City Program for youth to learn about, envision and design future cities
  • Metropolis Job Training education modules for adults with a goal of job placement

Metropolis Future Technology & Jobs Education

We are preparing to launch a series of rapid response business and future technology education modules designed to create baselines you can build upon.

We cover topics like Smart and Connected Cities, Internet of Things, Smart Data, Human-Computer Interaction Design, and Future City challenges.


  • 100 is a general introduction to the topic along with vocabulary and high level examples
  • 200 is the overview of one real world project to learn what goes on and expected outcomes
  • 300 is a more detailed review of a project team and the roles and responsibilities for jobs in a project

How To

  • 400 is an introduction to "How To Create" a project
  • 500 is an introduction to "How To Manage" a project
  • 600 is an introduction to "How To Measure" a project

Jobs and Workforce Education

  • 700 is introduction to, "Business Architecture & Business Analysis"
  • 800 is introduction to "Data Analysis & Creative Data Visualization"
  • 900 is introduction to "Vision and Strategic Planning"