level 4 EVEnt & Workshop sponsorships

Event & Workshop Sponsorships allow Vision Architecture to create, develop, and deliver service experiences for a broad spectrum of stakeholders. Event and workshop sponsors receive free access to the event they sponsor, free access for one person to attend the event or workshop they sponsor, and brand recognition of their organization(s) critical role in delivery of Vision Architecture programs.

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EVEnt sponsorship

Events include Smart City & IoT Meetups where a wide range of people are invited to attend and interact with speakers around various subject matter and attendees have the opportunity to contribute to the subjects at hand and network with attendees.  Event sponsorship can range in contribution of venue, food and drinks, promotional assets, and cash ranging from $500-$2,500+


Group workshop sponsorships are intended to pay for the group's attendance fees ranging from $250 per person with a 12 person limit totaling $3000, venue fees can range from $300-3000, and/or additional materials costs for all attendees could range from $50-100 per person totaling $600-1200

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Individual workshop sponsorships range from individual workshops that start at $250enables programs and projects ranging from $250-$1,000