level 5 Youth & family sponsorships

Scholarship packages offer individual support, family, and community-based workshops for imagining a future state people want for themselves and their families.  Our goal is to empower as many people as possible with these strategic vision, planning, and management skills in order to
run their own programs in their own communities.


OUR FUTURE CITY sponsorship for YOuth &
Families Visioning the future together

10 families & 10 kids for vision of your family's future

Argon sponsorships enable programs and projects to be delivered to youth and their families so they can envision and plan for the future together. $1000 per family and $10,000 for the 10 & 10 Families & Youth package

20 Kids, Ages 8-12

Chromium sponsorships enable programs and projects to be delivered to a group of 20 youth between the ages of 8-12 to work on Our Future City projects together to learn about critical and strategic decision making, negotiation skills, and team collaboration. $250 per youth and $5,000 for the group of 20

Vision Architecture® Sponsor Cube_Chromium.png

Vision Architecture® Sponsor Cube_Xenon.png

TRAIN-the-TRAINER Program to prepare youth to run their own Future City workshops within their communities

1 youth between Ages 13-18 @ $5,000

We are looking to identify 1-2 young leaders to go through Vision Architecture® GPS training in order for them to bring the ideas, services, and solutions back to their own communities to build upon, grow, and expand solutions in their neighborhoods.