Technology Services: Information System Governance Workshop

3-4 hours · in person / *onsite · 12 people max

Vision Architecture® Information Governance Program integrates the goals of organizational business leaders, subject matter experts, and content stewards with technical capabilities identified for roll out by IT leaders. Business Owners become empowered and knowledgeable about the content and portal systems and functionality so they can take on many of the content management roles and responsibilities to free up IT resources to work on other technology projects.

Topics begin with a business introduction to what Information Governance is, how it is used to facilitate relevancy of organizational content, roles and responsibilities associated with managing the life cycle of content, the selected technology vendor's product overview, and how distributed workflows and system automation speed up content delivery for Business Owners.

These guidelines serve as a framework to support Information Management in a controlled yet flexible environment to provide responsive publishing to large-scale business environments:

  • User Experience and Branding Standards
  • Personae-based Business Use Cases
  • Business Functional Requirements
  • Content Architecture with Publishing Life Cycle Workflows
  • Information Architecture
  • Access Controls
  • Content Performance Metrics
  • Infrastructure
  • Applications

Subject matter can delve into the detailed practices of capturing content, managing it, storing it, preserving it, and delivering it through personae-based, branded, user experiences and secure channel environments.

Additional topics for workshops can include:

UX and UI template design, publishing business process design, approval process design, content to portal publishing workflows, taxonomy design, content migration strategy, meta data and tagging standards, security groups and roles creation, security matrix design for promoting assets from content management system to portal administration for scheduled release, search performance criteria, eDiscovery, records management, records retention policy, legal holds, regulatory compliance, archival workflows, Standard Level of Agreements for IT system performance.

The goal of the workshop(s) will vary based on the scale of the effort, size of the organization, number of subject matter experts involved, number of project stakeholders, and the time frame allotted to reach desired milestones of the project.

Workshop deliverables include visual representation of your concepts and summary presentations to be shared with project teams, content stewards, and executive leaders.

* Travel & expenses not included.

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