assess where you are today, explore where you want to go,
create a roadmap to get there, and achieve what you imagine


Vision Architecture® is a way finding methodology used to assess detailed inventory of a current situation, define a preferred future state, create a roadmap, and lead with exact metrics to reach a target destination.

Metropolitan Intelligence is Vision Architecture's software company created to design and deliver Smart City and Resilient City technology and data solutions to answer society's greatest challenges. We provide space time insight with data from the past, present, and future so people and organizations can make informed decisions to manage risks and opportunities real-time.

We started by tackling the 100% avoidable, global, issue of lead poisoning in paint, soil, dust, and water. We've found the solutions and want you to use them asap. 

Book a workshop today so we can get you set up to use our lead poisoning toolset
to intervene and prevent the next child from being lead poisoned and
Get the Lead Out of the source location while you're at it.

Metropolitan Intelligence Get the Lead Out Smart City Lead Poisoning Risk Life Cycle Dashboards are available now for our first wave of data dashboards and program solutions designed for: 1) City and County Healthy Homes Lead Poisoning Prevention Programs; 2) Pediatricians and Doctors; 3) City and State leaders and Administrators; and 4) Attorneys and the Judiciary System.

data systems require precision design and information governance
to ensure data is relevant and people are safe

Vision Architecture® workshops assess information system solution and governance needs, create information & taxonomic structure, create publishing roles and permissions, create governance policies, processes, and automation for publishing, maintenance, archiving, records management & eDiscovery.

Case Study: Graphic Novels for Future Technology Storytelling
The Governor of the State of Oklahoma wanted state departments to share video, data, and situational intelligence to provide unparalleled Public Safety to the people of Oklahoma...

Vision Architecture created graphic novel storyboards to explain the risks associated with daily practices in Law Enforcement, Judiciary, Public Safety, Department of Education, Homeland Security, and the National Weather Service.