Vision Architecture® combines art, science, technology, engineering and math to envision the future, visually articulate functionality, plot a course for implementation, and validate vision with data visualization dashboards.

Our team looks for ecosystem-minded thinkers who love to explore the art of the possible and delight in making peoples' thoughts drive the future.

A Brief History


Stephanie Hayden is Executive Director of Think Vision Architecture and Chief Architect for Think Programs, metropolis Curriculum, and the Creative Lead and Artist for all Think program imagery as of December 25, 2016

Stephanie is a futurist, artist, serial entrepreneur, and technologist. She is best known as the creator of Vision Architecture®, a navigation methodology used to assess any situation, envision and set goals, plot the course and plan for obstacles, and accomplish objectives.

She is Alumna from The School of the Art Institute of Chicago who applies systems thinking and years spent studying cities, travel, art, architecture, psychology, science, technology, people, and business and uses combinations of all of the above to address challenges and questions at hand.

20 years combining Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math has honed Vision Architecture® into a toolset that considers, respects, and includes diverse perspectives, agenda, talents, and abilities in individual people and group the from public-, private-, nonprofit-sectors speaking many languages with many challenges and ways to solve them.

Selected Public Sector Clients

State of Oklahoma, City of LA, City of Oakland, Los Angeles Department of Transportation, Washington State Department of Transportation, Federal Emergency Management Agency, Oklahoma Department of Education, State of Oklahoma Public Safety, Defense Finance Accounting Service, United State Navy, and the Department of Defense

Selected Pro-Bono, Volunteer & Non-Profit Clients

Women’s Initiative, Women of Color on the Move, Rockefeller Foundation’s 100 Resilient Cities Initiative, the City of Oakland Resilience Program, and STEAM art and storytelling programs with K-12 youth


Bachelor of Fine Arts, The School of the Art Institute of Chicago
San Francisco Art Institute for additional Undergraduate Study

Stephanie lives in Oakland, CA and thinks a lot about systems, patterns being reprogrammed for change, and how diversity is as important as the air we breath.