We share 30+ years experience in public, private, and non-profit sector engagements working on large-scale initiatives imagining,
designing and building information systems, situational intelligence, and data-driven insight for our customers.

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Smart / resilient cities

We love working on Smart City, Resilient City, and Connected City projects because they require getting to know your client and the complexities they face driving new constituent experiences, and even the politics of what constituents feel government isn't doing for them.

We're experiencing a transformation today - everyone is - about the realization that everything is connected and people do want to cooperate and build vibrant businesses, communities, and public services.

internet of things (Iot) & SMART DATA

We've been designing future state business and technology IoT solutions since IPv4 - that means the old Internet. 

One of our larger private sector customers had global manufacturing running in 13 countries, with 200 locations, working on energy, industrial manufacturing, and LEED construction so the idea of being about to have the ability to learn more about their supply chain, and their global human network inspired them to jump into "Mars Shot" future state prototyping. Ask us if you'd like to see any prototypes.

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human-to-computer interaction experience design (HCIx)

With the abundance of resources and new connections in the air it can be tempting to make interesting mashups and start mapping a lot of different systems together. We aim to focus on the real-life interactions we're creating between humans and machines.

science, technology, engineering, arts and math education (STEAM)

We are natural STEAMers and are passionate about learning, systems thinking, connecting ecosystems, and sharing what we've learned with others who would find all of this too interesting to pass up.

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