Ayelet Baron
Futurist, Author
"Our Journey to
Corporate Sanity"

"Our world needs Stephanie Hayden to help us shift into a 21st Century mindset of opportunities. Stephanie is a pioneer who makes things happen through her brilliant mind and ability to connect human-to-human in creating purposeful experiences. Her passion and purpose are clear to all who engage with her and her groundbreaking work combining years of art, science, technology and a deep connection with systems thinking to re-imagine how we live and work.  Stephanie brings much needed navigation tools and creativity to 21st century leaders who are ready to be the architects of their own human life and the cities they lead. She plants seeds to help individuals and cities grow and flourish."

Michael Ford
Strategic Advisor
Think Vision Architecture
City of Oakland
Public Works

"Anyone who has had the pleasure of working with Stephanie will understand what I mean when I say she is a force of nature. The force is manifest in every project she touches. More importantly, Stephanie has used her unique combination of analytic, technical, and artistic skills to capture her work in the Vision Architecture® GPS way finding system. In my estimation, it is the system that has the potential to effect meaningful, enduring and positive change in the lives of all who experience it. Hence the importance of Stephanie's decision to publish her lifework as open-source material. In doing so, I sincerely believe she has put in motion what will grow to become a perfect (and much needed) storm."

Linda Drabik
Principal, Marencik Group
Global IoT Alliance

"Vision Architecture has established compelling methodology and services with proven applications to Smart City and IoT initiatives, among other areas. Engaging, visual tools and open source collateral further differentiate its offering. The proof is in the outcome- Metropolis GPS has been effectively applied to align a range of constituents, from community members to private and public sector leaders."

Selwyn Hollins
Assistant Director
Office of Finance
City of Los Angeles

"Stephanie is talented professional with a passion for collaboration and elevating organizational performance. I once had the pleasure of participating in her Vision Leadership program. It was an intense series of management workshops that challenged our perspectives on business processes and service delivery utilizing advanced technologies. Stephanie is an engaging, forward-thinking and inspirational individual with a tremendous work ethic."

Robin Tischer-Smith
Global Change Leader
Strategic Advisor
Think Vision Architecture
RTS Consultant

"I've not seen anything like how Stephanie works with clients, co-creating end results they need at the start through storyboards, art, and visual imagery so they can see and validate the outcome they design from the start. Revolutionary."

Keith Ward
Board Member
InnoGrove Veteran
Workforce Development

"I am more impressed with Stephanie’s and Vision Architecture Inc.’s quality of work at each progressive step of our project.  Her thorough knowledge of all the moving parts across organizations is astounding."

Winnie Anderson
Sr. HR Employee relations
East Bay Municipal
Utilities District

"Ms. Hayden was an exceptional facilitator that brought together a multi-generational and multi-ethnic group of leaders to build the vision of Women of Color on the Move. Ms. Hayden was also instrumental introducing new technologies plus partnerships to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of WOCOMs mission."


Dylan Thieu
Regional Sales Manager

"Stephanie was an absolute gem of a person when I met her at Oracle. Her wide range of expertise was well beyond what her role required. She is the whole package in terms of being able to think outside the box, articulate executive concerns and solutions, while also being able to talk at a very technical level. In the most creative way I've ever seen, she shows exactly what the ideal outcome should look like and gains undivided attention and buy-in. I would absolutely recommend Stephanie without a doubt - she truly takes customer commitment to heart. If you have complex issues spanning all parts of your technical infrastructure and applications, she's your one-stop shop to seeing the light at the end of the tunnel."

Paula Toth
Knowledge Base Specialist
Faro Technologies

"Stephanie worked with me during a Vision Architecture training. What impressed me most was her structured approach for quickly teaching a group of professionals to band together using her Vision Architecture for defining enterprise solution projects. Nothing can guarantee success as dramatically as having and communicating clear vision. That is exactly what Stephanie helped me do. Using her Vision Architecture system, I was able to discover and articulate vision with success criteria, define a complete solution with mockups, and scope phased projects for implementation. She further helped me articulate the communication touch points along the way. Once I had all this, implementation was just a matter of activating the steps I was most familiar with and constantly checking back with the vision and mockups. Success was no longer a question, as it was assured by the architecture and the process. All I had to do was use it!"

Dana Whitaker
Professional & Personal
Coach, Speaker, Photojournalist

"Stephanie Hayden's company, Vision Architecture, is aptly named. From identifying a laser-sharp vision to creating buy-in, designing manageable processes to monitoring, evaluating and tweaking implementation, Stephanie helps companies re-construct themselves from the inside out. Her commitment to her clients compliments her cutting-edge technology savvy - keys to developing efficient, profitable companies."

Richard Winchell
Multi-disciplinary Design

"Stephanie can run a workshop to focus a project's direction like nobody else I've ever seen. I, and at least one other colleague, were rather jealous at how good she is at that. Stephanie also proved herself to be full of smart ideas that were geared towards helping the client solve the problems they didn't realize they had, as opposed to what they thought they wanted. She was a joy to work with, and I hope to work with her again in the near future."

Shail Sood
Arth Consulting

"I recently worked closely with Stephanie at a large high-tech client and found her very knowledgeable in Enterprise Content Management, Portal, Search, and many other eBusiness enablement domains. She was clearly a go-to person and instrumental in leading client meetings in these domains. We were tasked to do eBusiness and Enterprise Architecture strategy in a very short time frame and it wouldn't be possible without her driving some of the stated areas. I will look forward for an opportunity to work with her again!"

Jawad Ali

"Stephanie displays an overabundance of creativity in everything she does, and her enthusiasm is contagious. She is a clear thinker and has a deep understanding of industry trends. I am inspired by the way she throws herself into her work, and drives relentlessly to get results. Stephanie has the rigor of both an artist and an scientist. She is great at leading brainstorming to look at ever increasing possibilities, but she is also determined to quickly converge to solutions. If you are building solutions, you would be lucky to have Stephanie on your team."

Daniel Schmitz
Sr. Business Analyst

"Stephanie applies considerable creativity and vision in helping companies/organizations to enable and automate their business processes and design their information architecture. She excels at getting stakeholders to think "out-of-the-box" when developing application requirements, and she leverages her considerable and diverse experience in Enterprise Content Management technologies when envisioning solutions. Stephanie is also a pleasure to work with!"

Michael Yasko
Director, Recruiting

"Stephanie has one of the highest work ethics I have ever experienced. She was always on the ball with our project and kept all stakeholders in the loop. Her experience was key to the success of documenting everything needed to push our agenda. She came to us at a key time and her results are still used in presentations and meetings."

Doug Stanley
Benjakate Technologies

"Stephanie was a highly motivated, committed, and valuable member of our team at PHD. She was always an outgoing and personable team player who excelled in building rapport with internal and external stakeholders. Her ability to communicate was nonpareil, and enabled us to distill a decades old military taxonomy into a usable knowledge management system. Stephanie would be an tremendous asset to any team."

Matt Herlihy
Vice President,
Brand Strategy
Pivot Design

"The term "one in a million" is too narrow for Stephanie Hayden--a billion is more like it. I've never encountered anyone with such fluency across subject areas, or such passion in communicating her seemingly endless supply of ideas.

Stephanie can design a Fortune 10 enterprise technology system with her left hand while painting a perfectly executed oil portrait with her right. She is as comfortable leading a roomful of executives as she is grappling with the most hardened technologist. She is equal parts thought leader and philosopher, team hero and firebrand.

She has sought challenges of all stripes over the years, and found success every time. She makes a leader appear brighter, a team feel tighter, and a company look stronger. I've never seen a problem that Stephanie could not solve.

You'll also have a hard time finding such a disciplined worker with such a sweet soul. No one will represent you better, listen to you more closely, or work harder for you. Get her while you can--or your competitor will."