Business Services: Delta Workshop

3-4 hours · in person / *onsite · 12 people max

Vision Architecture® GPS Delta workshops use the output from GPS Alfa, Bravo, and Charlie to a create a play-by-play implementation plan that describes exactly who, what, where, when, why, and how scenarios to be used to reach the GPS Bravo destination.

The goal is to create a three-phase roadmap that describes explicit steps and tasks that will be taken to detach from attributes of the Alfa state that will not be beneficial in support of the Bravo state.

This workshop creates a large amount of information that describes 2-3 strategic plays and routes the individual and organization will use to traverse the time and distance to achieve their reach their desired Bravo destination.

The raw data from the Charlie workshop is delivered as photographs of the process and standard formatting of text and numbers captured in workshop materials.

The next step is to complete the Delta workshop which uses explicit data and metrics captured in the Alfa, Bravo, and Charlie workshops to aim at the desired future state and launch the journey with all supplies and resources required to reach the destination on time and on budget.

Workshop deliverables include visual representation of your concepts.

* Travel & expenses not included.

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