Creative Storyboard Workshop

3-4 hours · in person / *onsite · 12 people max

Vision Architecture® Creative Storyboard Workshops use mind mapping exercises with your team to inventory the who, what, where, when, why, and how scenarios of a challenge you're experiencing day to day.  The goal is to create a spectrum of insight that describes what is highly regarded, negative, positive, of net zero influence, in need of cancellation, taking a lot of time, being measured, not being measured, wild cards, and metrics of performance being requested today.

Mind map exercises are used to target the who, what, why, where, when and how of personae and story lines that may be grown to trigger sales opportunities for multiple product lines. Additional exercises collect insight and multi-functional attributes from workshop attendees whose contributions build depth for story lines.

The purpose of this foundational workshop is to quickly inspire and capture a broad spectrum of concepts to fill your idea pipeline and instantiate a method for you and your cross-functional teams to grow and draw upon this story well for many sales cycles to come.

Raw workshop content will be posted in a secure location online and shared with workshop attendees in a follow up web session to understand how to review workshop assets and to add additional thoughts as they come up.

This space should remain open for new ideas where brainstorming persists and open flow of ideas is supported as it will be where Storyline Architectures are created.

This workshop captures a large amount of information and insight in a very short period of time. The raw data from the workshop is delivered as photographs of the process and standard formatting of text and numbers captured in workshop materials.

The next step is to begin working on Storyline Architectures, choose stories to move to Art Production, Produce Deliverable Assets, and Delivery the Storyboard.

Workshop deliverables include visual representation of your concepts.

* Travel & expenses not included.

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