explore & discover possibilities, consider systems thinking,
create new environments & visually articulate what you imagine


Vision Architecture® workshops explore and capture ideas, deconstruct, reconstruct, and turn concepts into your vision of future capabilities.  Workshop deliverables include visual representation of your concepts.

assess where you are today, explore where you want to go,
create a roadmap to get there, and achieve what you imagine


Vision Architecture® is a way finding methodology used to assess detailed inventory of a current situation, define a preferred future state, create a roadmap, and lead with exact metrics to reach a target destination.

data systems require precision design and information governance
to ensure data is relevant and people are safe

Vision Architecture® workshops assess information system solution and governance needs, create information & taxonomic structure, create publishing roles and permissions, create governance policies, processes, and automation for publishing, maintenance, archiving, records management & eDiscovery.

Metropolitan Intelligence is a Smart City engagement platform
streaming live data for daily way finding & obstacle navigation

Metropolitan Intelligence Get the Lead Out Smart City Lead Poisoning Risk Life Cycle Dashboards are available for pre-order: 1) lead program engagement; 2) live lead detection; 3) exposure intervention; 4) prevention; 5) mitigation; 6) threat monitoring; 7) justice; 8) abatement; and 9) revitalization