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Vision Architecture, Inc. is a for-profit transformation consultancy offering Vision, Project, and Metric services to help clients identify where they are today, exactly where they want to be in the future, How To get there from here, and measurable coordinates to reach their goals. Our Vision Service offerings combine 20+ years of art, science, technology, engineering, math, business and technology expertise to address complex challenges and create stable idea pipelines for implementation.

Vision Architecture's Vision Life Cycle Project Methodology matriculates ideas from the Who, What, Where, When, and Why of a project defined in the Vision State into How To components of project creation, implementation, management, and measurable delivery. Our diverse, local, experts augment project teams and offer managed services. Our 501c3 non-profit, Think Vision Architecture, Inc., enables STEAM education, workforce development, jobs creation, and social equity created by project demand.

Vision Architecture's Metrics offerings are Tableau data visualizations tracking concepts through project definition, production through delivery, training through user adoption, and provide real-time data transparency for stakeholders. Views offer insight into the provenance of high-value concepts that produce results on delivery. Concept performance provides actionable insight for funding, new program sponsors, and Impact Investors who require Return on Investment for their non-profit activities.

Think Vision Architecture hosts public-facing Project "Seedlings" which are Vision Seeds that have matured in business value definition, use cases, and expected return on investment (ROI). This environment directly engagements with constituents, Private, and Public Sector to acquire resources, STEAM training, funding for projects, and jobs.

Think Vision Architecture hosts public-facing Metric "Trees" which are Project Seedlings that were built, delivered, and exist as real programs and services. We measure and monitor performance to ensure training, change management, and transformation activities are working to build stability and smooth operations. 

Think Vision Architecture hosts public-facing Vision Pilots being worked on by our membership. View current pilots in consideration and development and discussion:

Alex McNulty: Smart City Hall Sentiment Analysis (

Think Vision Architecture hosts public-facing metric data visualization dashboards featuring existing programs, budgets, performance, and KPIs. For now, these programs will come from previously approved City budgets that are available via Sunshine Act and Brown Act requirements for freedom of information and data transparency. Check out some Open Data dashboards created by Code for America's local Oakland Hack Brigade,

Oakland's Open Budget Dashboard

Vision Architecture creates graphic novel storyboards and color system prototypes to visually articulate client plans and agenda to diverse stakeholders.

See some examples from our Smart State work with the State of Oklahoma for Public Safety and the Los Angeles Department of Transportation.



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Vision Architecture looks to connect and engage with Smart City leaders, constituents, entrepreneurs, innovators, artists, technologists, policy makers, and private sector companies to connect dots and make amazing projects come together while building local jobs for our diverse constituency. Contact us today to schedule one of our GPS workshops, storyboard planning sessions, or traditional consulting service engagements. 

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